To create and promote an inclusive environment where children of all abilities can play together.


Our vision is to create an environment where similarities can be seen over differences, promoting unity and fostering friendships, setting a solid foundation of a more accepting community, building a better future for all families.


Addy is a first grader at Eisenhower Elementary and loves to play with her friends. She is a bright eyed red head with an infectious smile that can light up a room. Addy has a pink wheelchair, a purple gait trainer and a heart of gold. Addy is currently limited by the mulch surfacing on the Eisenhower Elementary playground. She stands off to the side on the sidewalk and watches all of her friends enjoy the playground equipment and play together.

We have launched this fundraising effort, A Playground for Every Eagle, to ensure that children like Addy, have a fun and inclusive experience every day at recess. We've worked diligently with experts to revamp and design custom playgrounds that incorporate truly inclusive equipment, sensory play, shade and a multipurpose surfacing that is both safe and allows easy navigation for children that may be disabled. A playground should be a place where children of all abilities can play!

Addy is the starting motivation for this project - but making a space where #EveryEagle is included is our mission.